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Zortam Mp3 Media Studio:

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio is an MP3 converter that converts audio CDs to MP3 and WAV (CD Ripper) formats with an online CD database (cddb).

This software can be used to edit ID3 tags (ID3 MP3 Tag Editor) that supports ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags, convert wav files to mp3 and MP3 to Wav (Wav / MP3 Converter) files to manage your M3U playlists. (Reading list management) Rename files (Rename mp3) with ID3 tags, search mp3 files, copy, search and find mp3 files in mp3 directory, listen to mp3 with your favorite mp3 player, etc.


You can add text and images with ID3 tags (image overlays, images, etc.) to your MP3 files with this software. It is very easy to edit ID3 files and create as many files as you want. You can sort MP3 files in ascending or descending order using the ID3 and MPEG fields.

Media Media Studio playlist supports M3u Winamp format and titles created by Zortam Mp3 Media Studio can be played on any mp3 player.

Enjoy Zortam MP3 Player that supports music and photos directly from MP3. Visible icons help you transfer text and images from MP3 files and look like a presentation.

Features of Zortam Mp3 Media Studio Portable:

  • MP3 organizer and iPod driver
  • Tag MP3, MP3 drivers and iPod drivers.
  • Zortam MP3 player with cover art and music support.
  • Create MP3 songs and edit tags in your audio library with beautiful faces.
  • Download 50,000+ MP3 files with configurable speed.
  • ID3 Tag Editor (mp3 tags) with different ID3v1 and ID3v2.4 tag substitutions.
  • Download songs and albums from the Zortam Edit Group online music database – available on iPod and iTunes.
  • Make sure to include songs in the Zortam Music Chat database.
  • Normalize MP3 files with Volume Normalizer and adjust the volume to DB.
  • Rip your CDs with CD Ripper and mark your songs with covers (photos) and lyrics.
  • Bav Wav to MP3 Converter and vice versa.
  • Audio cable or MP3 CD
  • Copy the cover image to the HTML manual.
  • Powerful playlist and drag and drop manager.
  • Remove the ID3 tag from the package list.
  • Remove ID3 Tag, Cover Remove, Tag Remove (ID3 Tag Remove).
  • Search to rip MP3 files
  • Renaming files with files from ID3 tags (Mp3 Renamer).
  • Insert ID3 tags with their filenames.
  • Add karaoke and midi notes directly to ID3 recordings.
  • The medical team supports every opportunity.
  • Use MP3 tag search with the Zortam Music Interactive database for automated use.
  • You can automatically add notes and covers to your iPod.

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