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Xara Designer Pro Plus:


Xara Designer Pro Plus for images, web design, graphic processing, annotation and DTP.The Xara Designer Pro X package is right for your model.Xara Designer Pro X brings together graphics and web design, art, photo editing and typography, all included. In one small package

Features of Xara Designer Pro Plus Full:

Graphic design & illustration
Create the visuals and graphics the way you want them, and use a wide range of configuration tools to deliver the most unique notes.

Vector graphics
Powerful drawing tools let you use vectors to draw and measure lines, shapes and curves without compromising on quality. Pictures are displayed in lowercase. Ideal if you need different file sizes for different applications!

Essential effects
Intuitively create vibrant textures such as transparency, outlines, and gradients for your photos and graphics.

Get artistic with brushes
Draw with a paintbrush, find a wide selection of drawings, then draw original lines and turn all your drawings into works of art.

Adaptable shapes
Start with photos and customize your own templates for your photos and drawings.

He has experience with over 900 SmartShapes including new and improved languages.


Stock photos
Photo Organizer Choose from a grid from which to select photos.

Graphics & illustrations
Images and pictures, links to beautiful photos and collages.

Web design
Creating a website has never been easier: choose the theme you like, use photos and captions – you have it all!

Panorama photo slider
Use the full width of the page for photography. You can view your photos and turn the pages in real time. Expand the flame according to your needs – use a bell or a special cup.

Parallax scrolling
Add Power and Depth to Your Site: Content such as content and animation as they browse, giving users an interactive experience.

Sticky objects
Movement has no effect on sticky objects and can still be seen in their original position. Especially if you need a training report.

Reveal effects
You can use Crash to make a good impression as soon as your site’s location appears in your browser. It makes page movement and has a variety.

Easy & advanced image editing
Adjust brightness, consistency, color, and saturation as standard, or perform adjustments with one click. For best results, adjust the color tone of your photos or request a free review.

Erase backgrounds
Masks are created to easily remove background material. Close the article, drag it to the background and click to delete.

Cut items
Crop or crop a portion of a picture Select the model with the mouse and a magnetic rope will create a path.

Perfect photo retouching
Use the retouch tool in any work tool to easily refine the area of ​​the image.

Impressive photo filters
Filters for sex pictures More and more pictures are being taken. Choose from 140 online learning filters ** and apply them to your pictures with just one click.

Photo grids for collages
Create collages without interruption. In the online guide ** Select the model you want and drag the photo to another location.

Brighten or darken areas
Correct the rest of the image while editing. You can darken or light any part of the picture with modern and bright colors.

Straighten horizons Is the horizon slanted in your photo?
In Xara Design Pro X, you can use the Opright Horizon slider to adjust the position of the image.

Wide range of print and online publications
Xara Designer Pro X provides all the tools you need to create and publish complex documents. The software offers direct content management files on multiple pages in different formats. Fast Results: Interactive Information Guide ** Many templates are 100% editable and can use more than 1 million images and graphics for advertising purposes.

CMYK support
Leave good colors at the bottom of your printouts. CMYK support (yellow, magenta, yellow and most importantly) gives you the colors you need for professional paper, graphics and text. Additional file formats

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