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Download Windows 10 KMSPico Activator [LATEST]:


Windows 10 Activator, also known as KMSpico 11 (2021) is developed by Team DAZ. This activator can permanently activate Windows 10!

While many activators are available that can be used to activate windows 10 for free, most of them are fake or contain malware & spyware, but the windows 10 activator we provide here is totally clean & can activate windows 10 license in seconds. Follow the instructions below to download and activate.

We will provide you with a tool that is 100% free of charge. Keep reading my guide and don’t ignore any of its parts or you might miss some valuable information.

Several online tools are available, but most of them are fake and do not provide lifetime activation. Windows is one of the most popular Operating Systems in the world.

The user interface is also very intuitive, which is why most people prefer to use Windows over any other operating system, such as Mac OS or Linux.

A problem, though, is that this OS isn’t free. Yes, you have to pay if you want to use it on your computer. The 60-day free trial comes with the software, after which it will ask you to purchase a product key.

You will see the “Activate Windows” watermark if you do not do this. The user is also prohibited from using certain features, such as changing the wallpaper, getting updates from Microsoft, and getting annoying watermarks on the screen.

It is for this reason that people search for the Windows 10 activator so they can get the full version without paying. Not everyone can afford to purchase a license for that much money.

The tools I will tell you work 100% and will provide permanent activation. By using one of the activators, you get genuine activation, which will remain until you reinstall Windows.

Why Use Microsoft Windows 10 Activator?

KMSPico is a very popular tool on the internet which is used by most people. TeamDaz developed this tool, which has contributed a great deal to these activators. I am sure that if you are an older user of these activators tools, you are already familiar with this name.

This TeamDaz has made many activators for Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1. Although after many changes in Microsoft Windows 10, some people were worried that they wouldn’t be able to get the full version without paying. Now that we have this KMSPico tool, we are using it to activate Windows 10 with a genuine key.

KMS, or Key Management Server, was introduced by Microsoft itself. The owner of a big company feels uncomfortable when each product is activated separately, which is the reason for this concept.

This is why Bill Gates announced the KMS server technology, which connects all computers to a single server. The server contains a product key for both Windows and Office.

Now, when they install Windows and connect to the server, they are automatically activated.


Which Windows 10 Versions are supported by this Activator?

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Education.
  • Windows 10 Home Country Specific.
  • Windows 10 Professional N.
  • Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB N
  • Windows 10 Home N.
  • Windows 10 Home Single Language.
  • Windows 10 Enterprise.

Who developed this activator tool?

A lot of other activators by Team Daz including KMSAuto, RemoveWAT, and Windows 7 Loader are part of the tool. All of these tools are 100% free to use and can give you permanent activation.

Is Windows 10 Activator safe to use?

This tool is safe to use, and I personally use it as an activator. I haven’t encountered any issues with this Windows 10 activator so far.

How to get the license key for Windows 10?

The KMSPico or any alternative tool does not require a license key for use. But if you prefer to use a license key instead of a tool, you can also use KMSAuto to generate keys for Windows and Office.

Windows 10 Activator Features :

With KMS auto lite, you can easily activate Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016.

The KMS activator activates Windows 10 licenses like a genuine license, so there is no expiry date on this activation.

This is the list of major features of this Windows 10 activator. Since I am only writing about some of the main features, you may not find all of its features here.

This tool contains other features that aren’t described here, but can be discovered by using it. Genuine License: I found many tools online that offer activation, but when I checked license information I noticed this was a fake.

How to install & Use Windows 10 Activator ?

Before proceeding with the installation guide, it is recommended that you disable Windows Defender otherwise it will delete the file.

  • Open the Start Menu, type in Defender in the search box, and open Windows Defender Security Center.
  • Go to Virus & Threat Protection and then open Virus & Threat Protection Settings.
  • If prompted, disable Real-Time Protection and click Yes.
  • Windows 10 Must Be Activated With Internet Access After installing the activator, run KMSAuto.exe (as administrator).
  • GVLK (Windows Key) should be selected and installed.
  • After that, select (Activation) “Button” and click (Activate Windows) “Button”.
  • If watermarks are still present, use Windows Watermark Removal Tool.

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