Power Music Professional [V5.2.1.11] With Crack

Power Music Professional Full Version:

Power Music Music can be downloaded for free from our software library. This program gives you full control over your music collection – Song and Chord Pages. All your songs in one place, easily accessible on screen for rehearsals and performances.

Free yourself from the hassles of paper
All your songs in one place, easily accessible on screen for rehearsals and performances.

Create and manage your chord sheets
You can convert PDF and Word conversion pages to full agreement pages.

Find your music instantly
Search your music collection by title, author, top, category, or even song.

Share music, set lists and annotations
Give everyone in the group, group, or group access to their playlist and audio.

Effortless page turning
View songs and enter songs by tapping on the touch screen or the touch screen.

See your music clearly
Darken the song and change its color to help the artist described.

Features of Power Music Professional Full:

Explore the features of Power Music
No other musical visuals come close to Refining Power Music, discover the great features of this unique program. In addition to the information on this page, we also have a collection of videos explaining all the features of our service, and here is a detailed comparison table.

Display sheet music, chord sheets or both
Choose sheet music, chord pages, or both. Order a phone number or page. The screen you want to display.

Search by multiple criteria
Excellent choice, fast and strong. Search by title, headline, text, subtitle, song category, other titles, and limited information. Bible fans love to find Bible verses.

Create and share playlists
Find songs and add them to your playlist with one click or enter. Save and save a playlist. Rename, tap or drop the Power Music Box to keep track of musicians and other musicians you play with.

Transpose chord sheets, add capo chords
You can instantly change the shape of a string by selecting a key from the list, or by pressing + or – to scroll up or down in the full screen output. The selected capo and chord values ​​are given for measurements. This also provides the desired problem.


Page turning using keyboard, touch screen or foot pedal
Surf easily inside – use a USB or Bluetooth pedals, a touch screen, a USB dongle or a keyboard. Flip the page and scroll through the playlist.

Full screen display in portrait or landscape
Use anywhere on the screen in full screen mode. Impaired nutritional and physical signs A sidebar, which can be turned on and off, shows playlist titles, hours of operation, performance notifications, and links to other audio components, such as wallpapers. To view the metronome, tap the M icon or the compose clock on one or more pages of an album page.

Annotate your music
Find songs by drawing, tagging, punctuation, fingerprinting, bending, marking, swift bar marking, etc.

Quick navigation
A high-level song or an effective record label, and multiple pages of songs appear directly on every page or section of the song. The show is very important and helpful for musicians and porters during rehearsals.

Add performance notes
Add comments or exercise reminders. For organ registration, training and rest, etc.

Intelligent chord sheet editor
The chord editor includes all the sounds you need to create and edit chord pages. Go to a chord page or enter a melody / chord page, click a chord above the song with just one click. Record songs and chords automatically. Print and send a Word file or web page, or import directly from a PDF, .rtf, or .txt file. Any chord page can be edited even if you import it from Word.

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