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Luminar AI Full Version:

Luminar AI are fun and surprisingly easy. Add real queries in 3D depth using AI – nebulae, nebulae, bugs, cameras, covers. Create a beautiful room with no grain and cover.

It Has a 64-bit smart Heater:

Add real queries in 3D depth using AI – nebulae, nebulae, bugs, cameras, covers. Create a beautiful room with no grain and cover.

P.G. Steps
The right content is everywhere, in a beautiful place, without exaggeration. P.G. The model recognizes people, water, air and things. Add depth and clarity to a beautiful space.

In Fact, he Noted P.G.
Open the sky in a matter of minutes and come up with a new idea. It works well even with small air intakes. Update all your photos to match the old and new colors to match the new sky lights and colors.

Color Relationship
It goes beyond completeness and growth. Use for full balance, full color depth control and precise color balance. Very good collections.


Very contrasting
Adding details deepens the image. Adjust volume (6), including clear, medium and shade.

Let the colors enliven our essays. Experiment with new mill paint that changes the texture and feel of the image.

He gets good composition from all sides
With eye makeup, a great performance can always be achieved. The clever engine combines the golden rule of food with the skills of the world’s best photographers.

Teging. For people and pictures.
Artificial intelligence works well on your face and body in any shape, age and color.

The Best?
There is no need to choose books, masks, covers and other interesting photographic items.

Physics P.G.
Light weight or everything you need to achieve real and beautiful results.

No Magazine
Create an attractive and beautiful look with a natural face that illuminates your face.

Artificial surface Expression
Enhances facial appearance, lips, teeth; Draw circles without closing and much more.

Artificial intelligence zoo
Holding pores, tissue and hair in, quickly removes imperfection.

Type PG
Discover the magical orbit of natural light and bright colors for any image.

Bok K.I.
Follow the risks of a good surface. Sit in the picture.

Yes. It is completely under your control.
Luminar AI allows you to get feedback as quickly as possible. Trained technicians look after the jacket and work. But you can customize and refine each step.

There are no process issues in its History.
In fact, editing pictures regularly can be time-consuming and time-consuming. Luminar AI is the result, not the end. Automatically set up multiple tasks and try to simplify them so you have more time to tell stories.

Strength Does not Mean Rigidity
The true power of AI Light is hidden under the hood. Luminar’s IA kits feature state-of-the-art technology that offers more capabilities than traditional software.

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